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Le Facteur Livré Ch. 03

Neither Rain or Snow or Sleet at Night...The Postman Delivered...

I nodded my head, yes. After that kiss I would have done anything she wanted. It wouldn't have mattered that she had me in a bind. Dressed as a woman, wearing her make up, and sitting on the foot of the bed, i waited her... Click to Read More

Le Facteur Livré Ch. 01

Neither Rain or Snow or Sleet at Night...The Postman Delivered...

The day started out all wrong. We had just had three days of 70+ degree weather. I had taken the day off to go golfing, but the rain put a quick end to that. So my wife, Abby, and I started cleaning out the basement. As... Click to Read More

À La Maison Avec Ma Date

........ I went over and sat on the sofa next to him. He put his arm around me and I snuggled up against his chest. I looked up at him and he leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine. I opened my mouth a little and his tongue immediately took advantage of the opening. We shared a long,... Click to Read More

Jouer Avec Des Jouets

It was another boring Saturday night, I had gotten dressed up early in the evening having made contact that afternoon with a guy not to far from me. He was very interested in a girl like me even saying that if things worked out we could meet on a regular basis.

I had had a bath a shave, legs, arms... Click to Read More

La Barre D'Emploi

As a student I was always looking for bits of work to help me pay the rent. I already had a supermarket job but I wanted some more money to help me to pay for some more books. I was always scanning the papers and I came across a rather odd looking bar job.

I decided to apply anyway, as I knew I could do... Click to Read More

The Dinner

I was getting ready for our anniversary dinner and it was great fun. Greg was still at at he told me and I had always liked wearing them and so it suited us really well. We kept this a secret between us and it worked out very well. I was not too sure what to wear today but knew that I would start us with some lacy... Click to Read More

La Pantomime

I had never really acted in anything before but my friends had often complimented me on my acting when we were reading through plays at school. Once I left school I went to college and got a job and left home but found myself rather lonely, so I joined up with an amateur dramatic group which someone recommended... Click to Read More

Le Soir Des Parents

I often dreaded attending school functions such as parents evenings on my own. I think it was because it was a time when I usually did things with my husband and now that we were no longer together it was a reminder that I was single.

He took no interest in the children as he had moved abroad and... Click to Read More

La Vente Aux Enchères

Going to auctions is not something that I would normally do. I had decided that it was about time that I started doing different things in my life and so when work announced that they were having a charity auction, I thought that I would go along for the experience and I may even find something that I wanted to... Click to Read More

Les Dodgems

I had always liked the dodgem cars at the fair. There was something about the sparks that they produced that made them look dangerous and the fact that my Mum would not let me ride on them also made them more enticing. Once I was old enough to go to the fair on my own, I would ride them and try to bump in to all... Click to Read More

La Jetée

It was a long time since I had been to the seaside. As a young lad I had lots of great fun there with my brothers and sisters, but of course as you grow up your interests change and you do not get to do that sort of thing any more. However, I was in a relationship now and my boyfriend suggested that we take a... Click to Read More

Ma Première Expérience Avec Un Autre Homme

When I was 16 my girlfriend at the time lived pretty far from where I lived. I didn't have a car so I would take the bus, ride a bike or walk.

On one occasion I was walking home from Lynns house and I was on a long strech of road leading towards the airport. It was cold outside,... Click to Read More