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My Crazy Gangbang Pt-3 ( True Story )

The following night I walked back to the bookstore dressed the same way, but I was wearing a red outfit with a tight black mini skirt, I took the back way this time to avoid traffic, but I had to walk through a big truck stop to get there and was stopped by 2 well hung truckers that took... Click to Read More

My Crazy Gangbang Pt-2 ( True Story )

I somehow finally managed to swallow the other guys cock a few more inches after about 20 minutes of this they switched places and continued. This went on for about an hour before the one guy pulled out of my mouth and went around back as one of them slipped under me, I sat on his cock... Click to Read More

My Crazy Gangbang Pt-1 - ( True Story )

I am a 52-year-old Bi-sexual male that loves to cross dress, this is my gang bang story, it's all true and really happened. I was 26 years old at the time and traveling with my job which kept me in different states for about 4 months at a time. I would always choose a hotel that was... Click to Read More

Caught At Work

I was enjoying a weekend off when i got an emergency text that our alarm was going off. since i was on call i got the call and had to call the company give a code and they reset the alarm until i could go in and do it manually. Now ive been dressing for over 30 years and since i was alone on my time off i... Click to Read More

Forced To Crossdress

First off his name is Gary my sister in law is Mary and my wife is Nancy. I will try to give details if anyone wants to ask a question just ask. Gary was at my house with Mary. He asked me if I wanted to see pictures of Mary. I said ok. He showed me a few of her in bras he asked if I had any of my... Click to Read More

Sister Inlaw

Before i start ive never been married but my girl of 17yrs and i seperated a few yrs back. Its life but thats why this story is so hot. I had a great time in the bedroom with her. I was her first of many things. Bondage role playing even toys. She let me do anal but didnt really enjoyit like i did. Whenever... Click to Read More

Landlords Wife

About 20 yrs ago i moved out on my own for the first time, my best friend would hang out on the weekends with his girlfriend. I had been dressing since i was 9 so i loved the time that i had to explore more. jessica my bestfriends girlfriend would walk around in her panties alot and this is when thongs... Click to Read More

Dear Diary First Finger Fuck

Dear Diary Finger Fucked The horn honked my short black skirt swaying as I ran to the pickup truck. I slid in across the long seat kissing Thomas on the cheek. He turned “you look lovely Michelle “ as he gazed at the lace tops of my black thigh hi stockings and thighs. I cuddled next to... Click to Read More

Virus Update

Virus Update First, I want all of you to be safe and take every precaution you can. Even though our cravings build and build and we have to feed them we must think of ourselves and others.

I am sure you are experiencing the same thing I am. The good old standby spots are empty not even the old... Click to Read More

Walk In The Park Was More Than Expected

when I was younger I used to play with my sisters and neighbors because we were all close in age. When they played princess or dress up they always put makeup on me and little dresses and skirts. When I was 10 I saw my sisters bestfriend who was older naked after a shower. I saw... Click to Read More

Sissy Amante De La Lencería



Tengo 60 años y estoy casado. Llevo muchos años usando ropa interior femenina. Me encanta la sensación del nylon sedoso en mi cuerpo. También duermo con un largo camisón de satén todas las noches. Me siento muy cómodo llevando... Click to Read More

Deja Vu....Kandie'S Back! Form A Line Guys.....

Home alone and I get this text from a guy I haven't heard from in years. I feel my juices moving the instant I click on the message. Jim was one of those men who had a lot going for him. A dominant personality, great sex drive, stamina and a big cock to die for. We were meeting on a... Click to Read More